Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sailor...

When I fell in love with my husband, never in a million years did I ever anticipate leading the life I live today. But it's emails like these, moments where I can see what a good man he is, that make me thankful to God for letting me fall so hard for the big ogre who eats us out of house and home.


Here’s some info for you guys about what were experiencing. I’ve seen some stuff in the news about the Reagan and radiation exposure. The statements in this article have obviously been released to the public—so I can talk about it. We’ve been wearing special covers for our boots, and are scanned every time we come down from the flight deck. They did tell us to briefly stop drinking the water b/c one of the tanks were contaminated—but the others were not and they quickly changed them out. I started taking the iodine pills the other day as ordered by the flight dock—but have since then stopped b/c the levels I have been exposed to are fairly low. We wear monitors in our flight suits as well to make sure levels of exposure are low. As for what we’re doing, the Hawkeye is the core of the command and control structure for all SAR (Search and Rescue) efforts over here. We are controlling all the helos and LZ’s (landing Zones) and doing what we can to get the Japanese supplies. This mission has been very busy, humbling, and eye opening to how bad the situation really is. We are finding broken down schools, business buildings, soccer fields, etc... Where hundreds of people, including infants, children, and elderly have come together to try to survive. We are running food, water, medical supplies, blankets, etc, sunrise to sunset to these people, as well as finding new LZ’s with more people every day. Overall, despite what you see on the news, I believe we on the REAGAN are being very cautious and are maintaining a safe distance from the reactor. Sorry for the long email—just wanted to clear some things up about our condition and what we’re doing out here. Hope everything is going well—Love you guys.

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