Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gracie Girl turns 3!

Grace Catherine is 3 years old! It's hard to believe 3 years has gone by so quickly! She had a fantastic birthday and was able to celebrate it TWICE! Once in Indiana...with a parade (!!) and in Ohio. 2 birthday parties and both with family--lucky girl!!

 a little lip gloss help from Aunt Terri!
 Sweet brother who was so excited for her! [love him]
 Grace and her Godmother, G--my 2 favorite girls :) Sorry Uncle know women's moods! Grace was not having it when I tried to take her picture in Ohio with her Godfather, Nicholas.

 The General Lee was even in the parade!! [Levi, Max and Jack]
 Goats in the parade too?? The Monrovia Festival Parade does NOT mess around!
 Grace's Ohio birthday cake---lots of help from big brother on this one ;)

Sassy had a wonderful birthday, thanks to all who made it special!