Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grace is 2~!!

Our little firecracker turned 2 today!
We love her so much and are so lucky to have her in our lives, Happy Birthday to our Gracie Girl!

i have a thing for always making my kids cakes--i'm not a store-bought kinda Mommy...who doesn't remember their Mom making their birthday cakes? with us being in transition here at the Beach Motel (with no oven), it was tough--but with the help of my friend, Natasha-I was able to get it done!

she spent her day playing with sidewalk chalk...
telling everyone she's turning 3 (good try though Auntie Walrus!)
going to the beach with her big bro
playing in the freezing cold waves
doin' a little lean wit it rock wit it (that's my girl!)

and looking as pretty as usual...

then it was time for her PARTY!!! I showed her the cake after nap and asked if she liked it--she says "I wub it Mommy!"

trying on all her gear from Grammy and Papa
getting her pretty necklace from Hawaii from Daddy
and playing dress up with her new outfits from Auntie Walrus (my friend Lauren)

great day with the WHOLE family!!

Homecoming Link!!

Our Homecoming pictures are finally finished!!! Click HERE to view our photos and see our amazing slideshow! LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sneak Peek

GARRETT'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a quick sneak peek of photos from the fly-in. Most of these are from my friend, Natasha, the one with the watermark is our sneak peek from our photographer from Homecoming! Can't wait to see/share the rest!!

The kids are adjusting well to having Daddy home and Garrett is absolutely amazed at all of the changes in them. Enjoying life as a family of 4 once again!