Friday, February 25, 2011

Bald with a BANG!

There's no denying my husband is a very handsome guy. (if you disagree, get off my So, when I asked for pictures of him lately--you can imagine my smile turned upside down when he sent me these beauties....apparently, the whole squadron shaved their heads--fantastic ideas boys!

this was one of the first few days..halfway done...??
and here is the full monty---he's still pretty cute to me. even with that giant gash in his forehead.
he smacked his head on a hornet stabilizer (you know what that is, right? yeah, neither do i) and the mustache is always my favorite thing about deployment. ugh.
bald, gash on forehead and creepy mustache...i still love ya babe!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top Papa's 90th!

This past Sunday we celebrated Garrett's Grandfather's 90th birthday! He is an amazing man who is loved by so many people. There were over 100 guests at the party! My kids call him Top Papa (because they have a Papa already), and he is just as lively and fun with them as I'm sure he was with Garrett. My sister in law, Kelly, is due very soon and will be having his 20th great grandchild! Needless to say, I can only hope that Garrett got some of those awesome genes!
Happy Birthday Top Papa!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


With the start of deployment came some BIG changes and adjustments in our lives. We moved out of our house in California and back to the Midwest! The kids and I will be flip flopping between Garrett's parents house and mine. With almost a month under our belt, we're getting settled and really enjoying being around family.

Playing outside in the snow...

sibling love :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Round 3...

This week we started our 3rd deployment in 3 years. We are anxious to get this one over with and move on to our shore tour where Garrett will not be deploying for a few years!! Below are pics of the kids that I've posted before, but we added a new one for ROUND 3!
Stay safe VAW-113 and hurry home to us!

Jackson 6 months old-deployment #1

Grace-9 months old (after deployment #2) RIMPAC--Garrett was gone for 3 months!

Grace-16 months Jackson -3 years--deployment #3
Garrett's boat email:
Email me if you'd like his address to send care packages!