Friday, June 27, 2014

June Fun!

Our summer has started off amazing! Garrett left for RIMPAC, but we enjoyed his last couple weeks at home to the fullest.  

Once school let out we headed to Oak Island, NC to visit Grammy & Papa for a week. We all had the best time at the beach and all of Papa's sea adventures; shrimping, digging for clams, playing in the "swampers" and living the 'Salt Life' for a few days. I hope my kids realize how lucky they are to have these adventures at such a young age AND with their Grandparents. I know they will remember these fun summers forever.

Once we got home, we had the Amerine kids over for a couple days. I took their annual (3rd year running!) summer photos...a new addition this year!

We are off to Ohio tomorrow and then I head to Hawaii to meet Garrett for a week with NO KIDS!! July may just be even better than June...

10 months!!

The Peanut is 10 months old! Still weighing in around 17 pounds, but she is starting to pick up some pounds! She can sign "all done" and says "no no," "Dada", "Mama", and "Jaaack." She can feed herself and LOVES to eat whatever we are eating! She took her first steps and is on her way to running all around! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From the Heart Dancing

I've heard most families have that one kid who is constantly cracking them up, doing or saying off the  wall things, or just generally hilarious.  That's our Gracie Girl. She's killer. Frustrating, stubborn, and infuriating sometimes, yes. But, for the most part, she is extremely kind hearted, sweet and HYSTERICAL!! We find ourselves cracking up at her long after she's in bed for the night! Enjoy this little dancing gem I caught on video the other day!