Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grammy's Visit

Grammy was in town this past weekend!! The kids love having her around SO MUCH and even though I talk to her every day on the phone, whenever she's around I realize just how much I miss being around her every day. We had a great time and celebrated Christmas early with her...which included WAY too many presents for the kids from her and Papa. Ma, Aunt Terri & Uncle Bruce and The Stader fam even sent gifts. These kids are seriously spoiled...or seriously loved ;)

crazy amount of presents and Grammy love!!

a Nerf gun and wood blocks...who knew??!!

Carpenter Barry is ALL BUSINESS!
Making Rudolph cookies!
We went to a special reading of Polar Express and then took a tram ride through the Botanical Garden decorated with lights--so FUN!! Grace is eating her cookie, drinking SUPER HOT chocolate and making her ornament!
Another package arrived at our door last night...it was the gifts from the Stader's--the kids LOVED them!!
especially....the Frosted Flakes! (see Oct. Indiana post!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Grace's 2 year stats

Just about every time we're out in public someone mistakes the kids for twins. Or, if I have Grace out by myself someone comments on what a cute 3 year old I have--when I tell them she recently turned 2, they can't believe it. So, I wasn't too surprised at her 2 year old well baby checkup stats. 83rd percentile for weight and 97th for height! She really is our GIANT 2 year old!
The doctor was extremely impressed with her verbal skills (she told her that her name was Grace Barry and that she was so pretty--"she" meaning herself!), and the fact that she's potty trained. We don't care if she grows to be 7 foot. She'll always be our little Gracie Girl.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Season

It's holiday season and we're finally feeling slightly settled. I promise I have pictures of the house coming soon--just waiting on some furniture and curtains to get here! The kids are busy with preschool, play groups, and exploring Virginia. Garrett is back to work as an instructor at the training squadron, and I'm busy keeping the house up and running and wiping noses all day.

Here are a couple holiday shots I got of the kids, Grace is really starting to shed any ounce of baby look she had left and Jack remains as sweet as ever-such a handsome little boy!