Thursday, March 24, 2011


see all of this mail?
it was just loaded onto the USS Ronald Reagan. In this massive pile of mile is a crusty, moldy, smelly Golden Dawn pizza I sent to Garrett 3 weeks ago!!!!! HAHAHA!! Rookie mistake really, I should have known better. is the backstory:

Garrett's Papa owns a restaurant in Youngstown called the Golden Dawn--where they make amazing pizza. Since the kids and I are able to have it anytime we want, and since 3 weeks ago the Reagan was a standstill in the Pacific Ocean, I thought I'd cleverly send Garrett a couple pizzas. I got the pizza (made by Papa himself!!), froze them overnight and packed them oh so carefully in a cooler with about 10 frozen ice packs. Sounds legit right? So, off they went (priority via USPS too!) to the ship.
Of course, the day after I mail them, I get an email from
Garrett saying they've finally started moving again...awesome. Then the tsunami hits, and they head for Japan. No mail was being taken aboard...until now.

I've since spoken to Garrett and strongly warned him NOT to eat the pizza. If you know Garrett, you know he would totally throw that junk in the oven and eat it, moldy or not!!

So...there you have it, my 3rd deployment rookie mistake. A wife's gotta try right??

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  1. Once I saw this picture I knew you would be searching for that pizza box ;0)