Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We are VERY much enjoying having the Amerines back in our lives full time! Can't wait for Travis to get here so we can have family bbq's and vacations! The kids are having a BLAST together!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wednesday Night Lobsters

 Every once in awhile I am reminded of just how awesome Garrett's job can be. Last week's reminder came in the form of LOBSTERS for dinner on a random Wednesday night! He was able to get on a quick flight aboard the mighty E-2C Hawkeye up to Boston. They flew in, landed and had lunch in downtown Boston and picked up some lobsters to bring home for dinner. Not a bad day's work! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ohio Weekend

We drove over to Ohio after our Indiana trip to visit with the Barry side of the family. It was straight up National Geographic when we got there! 

Grandpa spotted a swarm of bees on Saturday morning---we walk out to see all of them swarmed on a tree. Next thing we know, he's got a bee keeper on the way. Really? A bee keeper? Who just dials up a bee keeper?!! Apparently, John Barry-that's who. 
 The kids absolutely loved it--actually, we ALL loved it! It was so cool to watch him! I bet this is a memory Jack will remember forever. 

 Shaking the bees into the box. Once the Queen Bee is in the box, all the other bees will follow or they will go off and die. 
 Just as we were about to go in from watching the bees, the neighbor calls us over because there is an owl on her fence. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC up in Youngstown!!!! 

We got to meet our new niece, Charlotte. Love her...and my baby craving is satisfied for a bit ;)

Jack even had a surprise special visit from his good friend, Collin! It was so cute to watch them together! 

And I finally got to take some pictures of Mike and Kelly's happy little family--they are precious!

The guys got a good game of golf in while the girls took the kiddos to the pool--good trade off!

A short trip, but SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to be back in the early fall!