Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012


Ever since we lived in California Papa has been asking Jack to get him a surfboard. We did find him one at a garage sale in California and got it for him. But, it's their thing to go back and forth on when we're getting him another one. On to the next beach town and we've found him another one!! Jack is SUPER EXCITED about this one!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

p52-Week 15

Project 52-Week 15
My Vegan Experiment

I lived a Vegan lifestyle this Lenten season. It was maybe the longest 40+ (who's in charge of the CALENDAR?? EASTER was LATE!!) days of my life. But, on the upside-it really was a true sacrifice. I'm normally a big fan of "fad diets"--ask my parents or in-laws. When the kids and I stayed with them last year during deployment, I think I tried about 5 or 6 fad diets. I don't even know why I like them-maybe the challenge? Either way, it's ridiculous. Exercise and healthy eating should do the trick. So, I didn't think this Vegan thing would be all that bad. And honestly, the no meat thing was okay. It was the lack of dairy, namely cheese, that killed me. But--I did feel great, my skin was flawless, and when I would start my workouts there was no sluggish feeling of burning off that initial goo from the pizza we had last night. The real lessons will come now that I'm introducing things back into my diet and tracking how they make me feel. So far, so good--but I've been easy on the dairy and had very few meats. Not sure I could live an entirely Vegan life forever, but I did it for Lent and learned a lot along the way!

this was something I really craved during Lent, a burger!!...I still haven't eaten it. It makes me a little sick to think of eating it now!

Monday, April 9, 2012

p52 Week 14

Project 52-Week 14
"Fooling Around"

Invested in a new lens and an external flash for my camera this past week. Took this little cutie to the park and was "fooling around" with new equipment. Ended up with a really pretty shot.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

GOOO Sand Gnats!!

T-Ball season has STARTED!! Jack's team is the Sand Gnats (great name, huh?!) and Garrett is the assistant coach. They have so much fun together going to practices during the week--it's nice Daddy/Jack time and Grace and Mommy get time to relax and do girl things while they are gone! The first game was last Saturday and Jackson did GREAT!

how cute are these two? love them!
Jack is, by far, the smallest on the team (youngest too!), BUT--has the BEST arm!
It's so fun watching them on the field together, gives me a glimpse of what our lives will be like for the next 15 years. With a sports crazed Dad, Jack doesn't stand a chance!
And here's our little cheerleader..."Go Jackson, Go Jackson!" As long as she has snacks and someone to cheer for, Gracie Girl is good to go!

Wenker Visit

The Wenkers came to Virginia on their way to Rhode Island--makes perfect sense, right? ;)
I was really bad about taking pictures while they were here so there are only a couple to document the fun! It was a busy weekend filled with food (most of which, I did not cook!), bowling, and craziness!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

p52 Week 13

Project 52-Week 13 "Details"

Garrett and I worked from 8:45am to 5:35pm on Sunday to finish up the landscaping around our house. We bought a house with a really large yard and tons of landscaping around it. For us, it was one of the finishing pieces to making this house "ours." With our petunias planted and our "flag of America" (Jack's quote) flying proudly, we are LOVING our new home. What details make your house a HOME?