Wednesday, April 4, 2012

GOOO Sand Gnats!!

T-Ball season has STARTED!! Jack's team is the Sand Gnats (great name, huh?!) and Garrett is the assistant coach. They have so much fun together going to practices during the week--it's nice Daddy/Jack time and Grace and Mommy get time to relax and do girl things while they are gone! The first game was last Saturday and Jackson did GREAT!

how cute are these two? love them!
Jack is, by far, the smallest on the team (youngest too!), BUT--has the BEST arm!
It's so fun watching them on the field together, gives me a glimpse of what our lives will be like for the next 15 years. With a sports crazed Dad, Jack doesn't stand a chance!
And here's our little cheerleader..."Go Jackson, Go Jackson!" As long as she has snacks and someone to cheer for, Gracie Girl is good to go!


  1. Love the 2nd pic;) Glad the boys are having fun!

  2. So happy to hear about Jack and Daddy time! :)

  3. T-ball -- that's awesome! The guys look so cute in their uniforms. How fun!