Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life on the Pond

We have some sort of body of water in our backyard--we call it a pond, it looks like a river, but is as big as a lake. Whatever it is, the kids LOVE it.

fishing...Grace just sticks her pole in the water and says she's caught a fish. Jack, however, is AWESOME at casting--can't wait til the fish are actually biting!

The geese came over to our yard today so naturally, we had to feed them.
Grace goes running toward the pond and Jack, ever the cautious one, screams at her to
"stay back!"
Love how he protects her.

she wanted to hold one!


  1. I adore that last picture, so so so sweet!

  2. So now I see why you switched Gracie's closet over to 3T... she's not the little Gracie who lived down the street anymore! Love that little Barry Bombshell!