Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Garrett turns 30!

Check out the photo below--it's the weekend Garrett and I "officially" became boyfriend and girlfriend. He was 22, I was 21. Fast forward 8 years, a marriage, 4 moves and 2 kids later and now that crazy 22 year old is THIRTY!!
I can't even begin to express how proud I am of him-he's a wonderful husband, a great father, and a kick ass NFO. He's accomplished more in his 30 years than most have in a lifetime.
Keep rockin' on, babe!

We celebrated his birthday at a local sports bar with a group of our friends and a favorite couple of ours, Chris and Marcy. Chris and Garrett share the birthday!!
the 2 DIRTY 30s!!

On his actual birthday-Super Bowl Sunday-we had a relaxing day of church and eating.
He almost always requests the chocolate/peanut butter combo for his cakes and this year was no different. I came up with the cake on my own from a couple different recipes I'd seen.
Devil's food cake with a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie middle, frosted with peanut butter frosting and topped with chocolate ganache. It was crazy good....and 3/4 of it remain in my freezer!
please take note of the dolphin and hammer head shark on top of the cake. Jack's contribution.


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  1. Yay!! Glad you guys had a great birthday celebration. NICE WORK ON THAT CAKE! (You're hair looks awesome, btw)