Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Virginia!

Our Christmas season started off with Jack's preschool program. He's been practicing his songs since November and he nailed his performance!! It was SO sweet!!

We had a special holiday playgroup at a local farm. They set up a Winter Wonderland to walk through before hitting the petting zoo!
Grace kept trying to ride this goat...too funny.

Finally...it was Christmas Eve!!
We went to mass, which was crazy crowded and Grace asked if the man next to us was "going to bite her." Needless to say, after mass--Mommy and Daddy had a few drinks and set up Santa's gifts.
Still not sure who was more excited on Christmas morning--Daddy or Jack?

making sure he can still hear the bell...
Spiderman was HUGE this Christmas...opening his Spiderman watch!
making sure it looks just like Daddy's :)
Gracie Girl asked for a princess watch and a pony...opening her My Little Pony!
and welcoming her to the fam!
hanging Spiderman from every door and window in our house.
and riding the new bikes!!!
....and wrecking them

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