Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grammy's Visit

Grammy was in town this past weekend!! The kids love having her around SO MUCH and even though I talk to her every day on the phone, whenever she's around I realize just how much I miss being around her every day. We had a great time and celebrated Christmas early with her...which included WAY too many presents for the kids from her and Papa. Ma, Aunt Terri & Uncle Bruce and The Stader fam even sent gifts. These kids are seriously spoiled...or seriously loved ;)

crazy amount of presents and Grammy love!!

a Nerf gun and wood blocks...who knew??!!

Carpenter Barry is ALL BUSINESS!
Making Rudolph cookies!
We went to a special reading of Polar Express and then took a tram ride through the Botanical Garden decorated with lights--so FUN!! Grace is eating her cookie, drinking SUPER HOT chocolate and making her ornament!
Another package arrived at our door last night...it was the gifts from the Stader's--the kids LOVED them!!
especially....the Frosted Flakes! (see Oct. Indiana post!)

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