Monday, May 9, 2011


We spent Easter this year in Indiana--My mom and I had the great idea to go to Easter Vigil Mass so that the kids could enjoy their baskets on Easter morning. STUPID IDEA. The mass was 2 hours long and the kids were WILD.

i love this picture--so sweet of the kids and really pretty of my Mom.

my handsome boy and my sassy girl's pretty curls.
Easter morning--Jack prayed and prayed for the gun that shoots balls, thankfully the Easter bunny was able to get one!

Gracie got a baby that cries and takes a bottle--she LOVES her!
but, what she loved MOST was the candy, of course!


  1. So cute! Grace's hair is getting so long and i love the curls!

  2. omg, curly sue! SO cute!!!! i just love the picture of jack kissing grace!

  3. Grace's curls are adorable! When I read the part about Easter Vigil, I thought "brave girl" and then I read you took the kids and thought "CRAZY!!!!"