Friday, May 20, 2011

Boy vs. Food

The following photos pretty much sum up my kids. Grace is very different than Jack in all areas of life. The number one difference: food. Unless it's chocolate, covered in chocolate, smells like chocolate or looks like chocolate, Jack could really care less about eating it. Grace is all about food ALL the time. ("she get it from her Mama...")

Jack's lack of eating, especially of vegetables, really bothers my Mom, so she's been working with him to eat better and try new things at meals. We had peas the other night and when I sat down at the table I thought "no way is he eating those,"--but, to my surprise my Mom got Jackson to eat not 1, but 7 peas that night!!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the promise of 2 of these puppies may have had something to do with it ;) whatever works, right?

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