Thursday, September 3, 2009

37 weeks!

37 weeks and counting! I go to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly visit and to schedule my final ultrasound. I'm still feeling pretty good, although the heat wave we've been having out here is really starting to wear on me. There is certainly NO room for Jackson on my lap anymore and picking him up is even more challenging! Not too much longer and my mom will be out here to help me in the final week and a half before our little girl is due! Garrett is really busy flying and preparing to leave Afghanistan and start the long trek home. I'll be glad when I know they are on their way home and I'll be that much closer to seeing him! For the most part, we are all doing great and looking forward to the arrival of our little princess. Well, I know Garrett and I are excited--Jack isn't going to know what hit him!


  1. you look great, girl!!! i hope you are managing ok... let me know if i can help you at all... see you tuesday!

  2. Bless your heart and your body girl! I remember all-too well those last weeks of pregnancy and chasing a toddler around! All worth it in the end! Hope you continue to feel well and have a happy, healthy little girl here soon!