Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ohio Style

For the second leg of our month long vacation we headed over to Daddy's hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Jackson had lots of fun playing on the piano with Grandpa and playing with Daddy's old toys with Grandma. In the pictures below, it looks like all we did was eat--we DID do a lot of that, but I promise-we also played and had a great time doing it up...Ohio style!

catch Mom!
"ooohhhhh!" after he throws anything

the highlight of my trip---my favorite ice cream in the world--Handel's Chocolate Pecan!!
Jackson's first experience with chicken wings---he devoured them! The funny thing about it was I emailed these pictures to Garrett and his response was, "I hope he sleeps okay, I've had a few rough nights in my day after eating chicken wings." Well, it turns out Daddy knows best--poor Jack was up ALL night with a bellyache! Sorry pal, mommy doesn't eat wings so she didn't know they would do that to you!

He's just blowing into the bottle--he doesn't have a mouthful of beer! But check out the guy in the background---do you think he approves???

Golden Dawn pizza--Garrett's Grandpa's Restaurant, an absolute MUST whenever we're in town!

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  1. i love the pictures!! i got a kick out of the chicken wings, i haven't tried that with him but i was amazed to see tyler pick up an ear of corn and devour it! miss you guys!