Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny girl

Grace has been extra naughty lately and been in trouble quite a bit. She's also been absolutely hilarious. Not a good combo when trying to discipline.
Sleeping the wrong pay...topless.

"Well if you're just gonna look at me Mommy, I want to wave at you"

It wasn't until AFTER we were in the store, I realized she had put her coat on upside down!!

She's INSISTING on taking her Bible EVERYWHERE we she is at the park, preaching to the squirrels!


  1. HaHa! too funny!! We are right there too! Amelia is soo bad and funny now too! A few weeks ago while we were in the middle of potty training she pooped on the floor, and as I was telling her we can't do that, she goes, "Oh it looks like Peanut butter, can I have a sandwich mommy?" gross and hilarious all at the same time.. I havent been able to eat peanut butter since!! haha