Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indiana Trip

The kids and I made a 12 hour road trip to Indiana last week. They did great on the way over and we had an AWESOME trip...PACKED with activity! 

We hit up the Indy Zoo first thing on Monday morning with friends! We try to visit the zoo each time we're in Indy--the kids LOVE the sharks and Jack FINALLY touched one!

We visited my Granny while we were in town--she's doing great and loved having the kids run a muck around her little apartment.
 Gracie Girl even did her nails!

I took my nephew Levi for the day so we could get some good quality time in before we left...he is SUCH a happy baby!

Too cool in Papa's boat!

Papa got Jack a real cross bow...he's getting really into the whole "weapon" thing lately!

 The kids had a blast down at Papa and Grammy's property.

We had a wonderful time, got to see LOTS of friends and family but it always seems to go by so fast! We'll be back in September for a couple weeks--see you then, Indiana!

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  1. Love that Grace is doing nails.. and laughing as I imagine what J & K could get into with that bow!