Friday, February 25, 2011

Bald with a BANG!

There's no denying my husband is a very handsome guy. (if you disagree, get off my So, when I asked for pictures of him lately--you can imagine my smile turned upside down when he sent me these beauties....apparently, the whole squadron shaved their heads--fantastic ideas boys!

this was one of the first few days..halfway done...??
and here is the full monty---he's still pretty cute to me. even with that giant gash in his forehead.
he smacked his head on a hornet stabilizer (you know what that is, right? yeah, neither do i) and the mustache is always my favorite thing about deployment. ugh.
bald, gash on forehead and creepy mustache...i still love ya babe!


  1. He looks like Homer Simpson in the first pic. Goof ball!

  2. Ok...a couple things to add here. First off...the half way done head shaving is HILARIOUS!! What is so neat about it is that you get a glimpse of how he will look in 30 years! Awesome! and second...the 'stache! Gotta love those! Is it just me or do you think our husbands with these hideous mustaches look like they are from a 70's porno?