Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Cali

We spent Christmas in our own house this year! It was a first for us since before having kids, and SO much fun! Jackson is at the age where he is just grasping the Santa concept so this year was especially exciting.

Our Christmas season started off a little rough...
We've gotten a 10+ foot tree every year we've lived here, this year was the prettiest we've ever had!
A letter from Santa--we never did this in my house growing up so it was really fun for me to see Garrett get so excited about writing the kids a letter!
Gracie LOVES Santa
Christmas dinner=a pizza picnic in the living room
My cowboys "doin' their jobs, catching bandits!"
Gracie girl opening her gifts....only took her like 15 minutes per gift!
our cowGIRL!
the main thing he asked Santa for--a HORSEY present!
2 happy kiddos in their new rocking chairs from Grandma and Grandpa

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