Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Ol' Y-town!

For the last leg of our month long vacation we traveled to Youngstown, Ohio--Daddy's hometown! We had a very busy visit packed with outings and fun things to do--the kids had a blast and enjoyed every minute of Grandma and Grandpa time!

learning to play one of the many instruments Grandpa has mastered!
the calm before the walking storm!

Gracie hearts her Uncle Kevin

So..a bit of background for these next photos. I made SERIOUS fun of my mother-in-law for wanting to take the kids to this "exotic petting zoo" on Belmont Avenue. She had said "it's like being in another county"..and I found this hilarious! Well...I ate my words--BIG TIME! Wagon Trails was AWESOME! Jack had an amazing time (and so did I!), the animals were so cool and SO close!
here we go...!!
a Bison--on Belmont!!
feeding the Elk---they were close enough to kiss!
water buffalo...again, on BELMONT!
and ostrich--these were crazy aggressive birds!---just a small sample of pics, but you get the idea, amazing petting zoo!!

Mommy's night out in Y-town!

Barry Women

Gracie and Grandma

Of course our trip wouldn't be complete without a couple trips to the Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn pizza! Grace's first time--it's a monumental event in their lives, yes, the pizza is THAT good!
and her first time eating Handel's ice cream--the best ever!

Family Fun at the Country Club Pool!

Grace meets Layla-Aunt Ali's dog
Aunt Ali and Uncle Kevin

Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelly

That concludes our month long vacation--like I said, I think it was the best one yet! Thank you so much to my family and Garrett's for the great time we had, the help with the kids, and for a WONDERFUL vacation filled with lots of family love!

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