Wednesday, June 2, 2010

San Diego

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego this year. Garrett had to go down late in the week for some work on the Reagan, so we tagged along with him. We stayed with our good friends Justin and Deb Searle--one of Garrett's friends from the Academy. We had an awesome time with them and even got to visit the zoo! Jack was in heaven!

our first sight as we entered the zoo!

Gracie girl all ready for a long day!

I seriously don't know who enjoyed the zoo more, Garrett or Jack--they both had a GREAT time!

the picture is blurry, but of course--they had Jack's favorite animal!
Lizard Boy!

The zoo did a number on these 2! We must have walked 10 miles that day and Jack probably walked 3/4 of that!

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