Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 Months!

Gracie Girl is 6 months old already! We took her to her well-baby checkup the other day and she is growing right on track at 26 inches and 17 pounds! She's 3 pounds lighter and 2 inches smaller than Jackson was at her age. She's still our little roly poly girl and is beginning to show signs of attempting to crawl--she's a big "rocker," which-according to my mother-in-law, is something she must have gotten from her father! Apparently, Garrett used to sit and rock ALL the time and even broke 2 cribs "rocking" back and forth! Grace also has zero tolerance for her big brother these days. He still wants to lay on her and love all over her and she squeals and swats him away, the bickering has begun!

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